AS YOU LIKE IT by Shaina Taub

Director: Rodney Hudson                Assistant Director: Puaseisei Patu-Tanielu

Choreographer: Felipe Panama        Assistant Choreographer: Olivia Lacie Andrews

Dance Captain: Blaise Rossmann     Fight Choreography/Intimacy Choreography: Alec Barbour

Fight Captains: Austin Rose and Adam Forward

Scenic Designer: Kristina Fosmire    Assistant Scenic Designer: Angel Lam

Costume Designer: Amaan Khan      Associate Costumes: Rosario Appleton Figueria   Assistant Costumes: Ryn Gross

Lighting Design: Em Stripling           Assistant Lighting Design: Mairead Cummins

Sound Design: Jacqui Herter           Assistant Sound Design: Malena Logan

Props: Mara Rich                            Wig Design: Michael King

Stage Manager: Emma Yehle            Assistant Stage Managers: Emily Kellner, Maya Royston     

Casting Assistant: Liam Bierley        Photos by Mike Davis, Kristina Fosmire and Manny Khan 

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