Director: Kayla Amani                                         Asst. Director: Elizabeth O'Malley           

Stage Managers: Kiara Brown, Tori Dedo              Asst. Stage Managers: Erin Keith and Wesley Tipton     

Choreographer: Spencer Lombardo                     Asst. Choreographer: Diane Cervelli

Scenic Designer: Kristina Fosmire                       Asst. Scenic Designers: Eli Golding and Sarah Schultz

Lighting Designer: Em Stripling                           Asst. Lighting Designers: Brooklyn Green and Mabel McPhee

Costume Designer: Sophia O'Connor        

Scenic Charge: Ally Turlo                                    Asst. Scenic Charge: Rosario Figueira       

Master Carpenter: Jason Zong

Sound Designer: Malena Logan                           Audio Engineer: Brianna Cofield              

Musical Director: Imri Leshed                             Production Photographer: Kristina Fosmire

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